Friday, January 24, 2014

Get Used To It Because Its Not Going Anywhere

Youtube has a strong grip on everyone. It has virtually every video that you could ever imagine to directions to anything, music videos, games, shows, and some other things that shouldn't be seen but there is nothing that we can do about that. Thats just the control that youtube has because it lets anything be put up without any care. Its crazy to think that youtube has been out for it has. I don't personally get on as much as a lot of other people do. Whenever I get on it usually because I don't know how to do something and I need quick and easy directions or if I need the lyrics to a song. Its weird to think that we used to talk into a mobile camera that you hook onto your computer because now its just as easy to open your computer and turn the camera on that is already in your laptop. Its been made so much easier to do that now. There is also go pro cameras that i think are so useful and so much easier to capture things that you yourself are doing in action. Or you have a camera in your phone that you can just turn on and record and put on youtube. Sometimes i think that it is just a waste of time but then again it can be very helpful. Youtube it something that if you are bored you just do a couple clicks and you are there looking up anything that you want to see or watch. The technology that has gone into that creation is crazy to think about after watching the video about it. But it is what it is and there is really nothing we can do about it now except but to make it better.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Google Is Making Us Stupid

In this article "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" , what I got the most out of it is that Google is making us stupid and really impatient. As the author starts this article he talks about not having a very good attention span anymore. Every since he has started doing everything on the computer he has yearned for convince every since. He says that his attention span is no good anymore and that he can not write or read long stories anymore without getting distracted or getting bored and wanting to flip to something different. He says he wasn't the only one with this problem. Everyone who he has talked to seems to have to same problem because for one to entertained they only have to press a few buttons and then they would be satisfied and be completely thrown off from what they were doing. I thought it was very interesting how Socrates had everything memorized and figured out ways not to forget, and now in our age people will forget things very easily because you have everything in your hand or in your computer so there is no need to memorize it when its as easy as one two three to pull in up and have it right their infront of you. In my opinion that is the reason why people don't do as well on electronic things that they have to complete for a grade or for their job because they get distracted and bored and want to other things because you have the world at your fingers, so why not get distracted?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kevin Kelly's View On Screens

In this article "Becoming Screen Literate", Kelly begins to talk about screens and how they are everywhere we look. He then goes into talk about how the technology in all of these screens have changed and become much more advanced and how we can't possibly go a single minute without being distracted by a screen of some sort. In the process of me writing this I was distracted by my tv, and had to stop and watch it. I agree with him in his frustrations about it being way to easy to make your own movies or photography through the simplicity of touching a few buttons and then the job being done. We take ideas from everyday life through social media such as six second clips from vine or pictures from instgram or quotes from Facebook and change them up and make them our own and think we should be famous from it. Then again I have to disagree with him a little bit because if it weren't for all the screens we see in the world we would be left in the dark, but there is a limit and people take that limit and stretch it and thats where the aggravation comes in and the liars come into play.

I liked this article from Kelly and I thought it was very informative and interesting. It really does open your eyes up and makes you think about things and how they really are done. Its almost scary to think that it will just get worse through time. But hopefully it will used for good because this world can't live without technology in it.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

How Technology Has Changed Us

The "Wilderness Downtown" video took me by surprise. I didn't expect to see my house pop up and cameras circling it. The website really opened my eyes to see how technology has changed and what people can do with it today. The lyrics to the song went perfectly with the video becasue it tells explains what we used to do and what we do now.