Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kevin Kelly's View On Screens

In this article "Becoming Screen Literate", Kelly begins to talk about screens and how they are everywhere we look. He then goes into talk about how the technology in all of these screens have changed and become much more advanced and how we can't possibly go a single minute without being distracted by a screen of some sort. In the process of me writing this I was distracted by my tv, and had to stop and watch it. I agree with him in his frustrations about it being way to easy to make your own movies or photography through the simplicity of touching a few buttons and then the job being done. We take ideas from everyday life through social media such as six second clips from vine or pictures from instgram or quotes from Facebook and change them up and make them our own and think we should be famous from it. Then again I have to disagree with him a little bit because if it weren't for all the screens we see in the world we would be left in the dark, but there is a limit and people take that limit and stretch it and thats where the aggravation comes in and the liars come into play.

I liked this article from Kelly and I thought it was very informative and interesting. It really does open your eyes up and makes you think about things and how they really are done. Its almost scary to think that it will just get worse through time. But hopefully it will used for good because this world can't live without technology in it.

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  1. I really like your comment about how its going to get worse through time i couldnt agree more. The technolgy age that we are in is only going to increase more and more. You pretty much summed up all the info that i found interesting. People getting famous from vine is something i just dont understand sure its funny but i dont understand how they get so much bigger than others in the social media world.