Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tips for Photograghy

Tips from Patrick Wright, Photographer at Clemson University:
Take more than one shot bc you can go back and erase
Always carry more than one media
Carry a lot of batteries
Set clock and date in camera correctly helps with knowing when took it   
Keep image resolution high
Experiment with light settings
Carry lenses tissue
Take note pads to take notes from where you have been to know what to do next time you go back
A good eye for photography is developed through a number of ways, looking at different professional photographer websites
Incorporate people, places, and things
Don’t interrupt people, take it in the action the point is to take the picture in their environment and it looks more natural
Don’t have a lot of empty space
Fill in the frame
Rules From Patrick:
Rule 1: shoot tight and fill the frame get them in their natural positionRule 2: Take sharp shots, don’t be fuzzy or blurry so a tripod would have to be usedRule 3: Use different angles not in just one spot Rule 4:  use different lenses Rule 5: be aware of your lighting and the composition around itRule 6: put the picture into thirds, need more nose room than behind their head in the picture


Monday, February 17, 2014


Copyright means that the government has given the artist or whoever it may concern the permission to put their picture or whatever it is online and they can charge money for if they need to so they can be finically supported. 
The meaning of copyleft has the same meaning as copyright except that all of it is free and gives the freedom to modify pictures or whatever else.
Public domain is a website that tells you that the rights to the authors are no longer there anymore and the pictures are free.
Creative commons is when the author is giving people the right to share his/her work.

Friday, February 7, 2014

This painting is weird to me, but it is for a spy museum so I guess it would make sense from the staring in the painting and the weird glaring. The arrangement to me is somewhat right because of the label above the smaller picture so it makes the smaller picture look a little bit more in position. The alignment is perfect to me. Even though the right picture is smaller the painting is bigger so it makes it look more intimidating in a way. There is a lot of repetition in the  left picture that I really don't care for because it dosent even out with the smaller picture but it showing a more softer side to it. The picture to the right has more of a darker tone and it makes up for its size by doing that.

In the picture it is showing how powerful this leaf blower is because it tries to say it can blow a huge ball of snow around when we all know that is not possible. It shows what it is supposed to show correctly because everything else around it is small and the only thing that is big is what the leaf blower is blowing around. The alignment to me do not really connect because you see the kid in the back carrying around the head to the body of that snow man so to me it doesn't  really look comprehendible. The repetition is good because there is snow all around and the snow coming off of the snow ball really makes the leaf blower looks like it has massive power. LIke I said before the contrast would be the little boy carrying the head to the body of the snowman but it really does not go together because the head is so much smaller than the body.

This ad is showing that Jeeps can pretty much go anywhere and people love to go to the beach, so why not go get a Jeep and go to the beach? I know I would love to do the that, so the ad itself has already got me sold. I like the proximity of this picture from the float then it goes down to the surf boards in a order of tallest and in the middle short and then back up to tall to meet the sign after. I love the ocean picture behind it. It is very eye catching along with the mountain behind it. The alignment goes good because of the surfboards and the mountain in the background. There is not much repetition here except  for the design on the surfboards. The contrast is great because it has a sunny/ cloudy sky to say that the jeep can handle anything, also the water because the Jeep can go through water and the mountains in the background because who doesn't want to go four by fouring up in the mountains on a nice spring day.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Better Now Than Before

In the "Long Tail" comic it talks about what music and movies used to be Christohpher Anderson talks about how he likes old movies and the older music and how there wasnt much competition and that one song would be the in the hits for a very long time. I like times better now because  we have a lot more choices and alot more ways to find stuff out and more ways to listen to music and to watch movies. Everyday we listen to Spotify or Pandora or we are watching a half a years worth of shows in two days time span. Its crazy but smart and more convenient for busy people. There has been alot of times where i just didnt have time to watch a season of my favorite so if I just wait about a year i can watch that and then some. I really like what they have done over time with music and movies because you just have to press a few buttons and your there and ready to go.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Get Used To It Because Its Not Going Anywhere

Youtube has a strong grip on everyone. It has virtually every video that you could ever imagine to directions to anything, music videos, games, shows, and some other things that shouldn't be seen but there is nothing that we can do about that. Thats just the control that youtube has because it lets anything be put up without any care. Its crazy to think that youtube has been out for it has. I don't personally get on as much as a lot of other people do. Whenever I get on it usually because I don't know how to do something and I need quick and easy directions or if I need the lyrics to a song. Its weird to think that we used to talk into a mobile camera that you hook onto your computer because now its just as easy to open your computer and turn the camera on that is already in your laptop. Its been made so much easier to do that now. There is also go pro cameras that i think are so useful and so much easier to capture things that you yourself are doing in action. Or you have a camera in your phone that you can just turn on and record and put on youtube. Sometimes i think that it is just a waste of time but then again it can be very helpful. Youtube it something that if you are bored you just do a couple clicks and you are there looking up anything that you want to see or watch. The technology that has gone into that creation is crazy to think about after watching the video about it. But it is what it is and there is really nothing we can do about it now except but to make it better.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Google Is Making Us Stupid

In this article "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" , what I got the most out of it is that Google is making us stupid and really impatient. As the author starts this article he talks about not having a very good attention span anymore. Every since he has started doing everything on the computer he has yearned for convince every since. He says that his attention span is no good anymore and that he can not write or read long stories anymore without getting distracted or getting bored and wanting to flip to something different. He says he wasn't the only one with this problem. Everyone who he has talked to seems to have to same problem because for one to entertained they only have to press a few buttons and then they would be satisfied and be completely thrown off from what they were doing. I thought it was very interesting how Socrates had everything memorized and figured out ways not to forget, and now in our age people will forget things very easily because you have everything in your hand or in your computer so there is no need to memorize it when its as easy as one two three to pull in up and have it right their infront of you. In my opinion that is the reason why people don't do as well on electronic things that they have to complete for a grade or for their job because they get distracted and bored and want to other things because you have the world at your fingers, so why not get distracted?