Friday, February 7, 2014

This painting is weird to me, but it is for a spy museum so I guess it would make sense from the staring in the painting and the weird glaring. The arrangement to me is somewhat right because of the label above the smaller picture so it makes the smaller picture look a little bit more in position. The alignment is perfect to me. Even though the right picture is smaller the painting is bigger so it makes it look more intimidating in a way. There is a lot of repetition in the  left picture that I really don't care for because it dosent even out with the smaller picture but it showing a more softer side to it. The picture to the right has more of a darker tone and it makes up for its size by doing that.

In the picture it is showing how powerful this leaf blower is because it tries to say it can blow a huge ball of snow around when we all know that is not possible. It shows what it is supposed to show correctly because everything else around it is small and the only thing that is big is what the leaf blower is blowing around. The alignment to me do not really connect because you see the kid in the back carrying around the head to the body of that snow man so to me it doesn't  really look comprehendible. The repetition is good because there is snow all around and the snow coming off of the snow ball really makes the leaf blower looks like it has massive power. LIke I said before the contrast would be the little boy carrying the head to the body of the snowman but it really does not go together because the head is so much smaller than the body.

This ad is showing that Jeeps can pretty much go anywhere and people love to go to the beach, so why not go get a Jeep and go to the beach? I know I would love to do the that, so the ad itself has already got me sold. I like the proximity of this picture from the float then it goes down to the surf boards in a order of tallest and in the middle short and then back up to tall to meet the sign after. I love the ocean picture behind it. It is very eye catching along with the mountain behind it. The alignment goes good because of the surfboards and the mountain in the background. There is not much repetition here except  for the design on the surfboards. The contrast is great because it has a sunny/ cloudy sky to say that the jeep can handle anything, also the water because the Jeep can go through water and the mountains in the background because who doesn't want to go four by fouring up in the mountains on a nice spring day.

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