Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tips for Photograghy

Tips from Patrick Wright, Photographer at Clemson University:
Take more than one shot bc you can go back and erase
Always carry more than one media
Carry a lot of batteries
Set clock and date in camera correctly helps with knowing when took it   
Keep image resolution high
Experiment with light settings
Carry lenses tissue
Take note pads to take notes from where you have been to know what to do next time you go back
A good eye for photography is developed through a number of ways, looking at different professional photographer websites
Incorporate people, places, and things
Don’t interrupt people, take it in the action the point is to take the picture in their environment and it looks more natural
Don’t have a lot of empty space
Fill in the frame
Rules From Patrick:
Rule 1: shoot tight and fill the frame get them in their natural positionRule 2: Take sharp shots, don’t be fuzzy or blurry so a tripod would have to be usedRule 3: Use different angles not in just one spot Rule 4:  use different lenses Rule 5: be aware of your lighting and the composition around itRule 6: put the picture into thirds, need more nose room than behind their head in the picture


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