Monday, February 3, 2014

Better Now Than Before

In the "Long Tail" comic it talks about what music and movies used to be Christohpher Anderson talks about how he likes old movies and the older music and how there wasnt much competition and that one song would be the in the hits for a very long time. I like times better now because  we have a lot more choices and alot more ways to find stuff out and more ways to listen to music and to watch movies. Everyday we listen to Spotify or Pandora or we are watching a half a years worth of shows in two days time span. Its crazy but smart and more convenient for busy people. There has been alot of times where i just didnt have time to watch a season of my favorite so if I just wait about a year i can watch that and then some. I really like what they have done over time with music and movies because you just have to press a few buttons and your there and ready to go.

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